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How many times have you heard “music is dead” or “today’s music is bad.”
How many of these have stopped looking?
Perhaps everyone is looking in the same direction.
But we understand that people feel disappointed or betrayed by the “music” and take refuge in the past.
We need to break the ordinary, change course, look beyond the boundaries of what we are
used to identifying like rock, metal, etc…

“Since I was a child, music has never been confined to me only to the USA or England, but he always
had a breather broader, in particular I was fascinated specifically
of Japanese music, not folk music, but rather the way
they saw and interpreted rock, pop, the
metal or modern music in general.
I realized that it was different from how we imagine it Western, it had
something different and I liked it!
It was weirder than music that we think is weird [laughs].”

And in fact the Shoujy project was born in relation to this discovery riding the media wave that Japan
has received in the last few years thanks to anime/manga content and trade fair events
such as comicons around the world.
In this chaos of waifu, videogames and cosplay, Shoujy asserted herself as an Italian exponent
of J-Rock and Visual Kei.
You may wonder: can a musical genre strongly associated with a nation be accepted all over the world?
Apparently for Shoujy this conception does not exist.

“And why should a genre of music stay anchored to his home country?
The blues was born in America, in a marginalized subculture and yet after years
they play it all over the world and it has no borders.
Why should it be different for another genre?”

Shoujy’s music combines the hardest and most melodic metal coloring it with new shades, unexpected associations, a rough and
imposing stone surrounded by elegant cherry blossoms.
A pressing rhythm, elegant melodic interweaving and a sometimes progressive harmony pave the way
for a music full of influences collected with care and dedication.
The attention to detail is somewhat reminiscent of a metal skeleton musical origami.

“My work team and I take care of every aspect of the production
looking for the right balance between Japanese-style music and our European origins.
It’s not easy, I realize, but progress comes from discomfort and hard work.
We could have done like everyone else and followed the new wave of modern metal
but it seemed, perhaps, too corny.”

The issues addressed by Shoujy are varied,
but all aimed at human interiority, the search for the reason for being,
even touching on social problems that sometimes prevent us from framing our lives.
Her expressiveness is manifested not only through her songs and her lyrics but also by her explosiveness on stage
which allowed her to participate in some of the major comicon events in the Italian territory.
Her warm voice, with blues-rock references and her unmistakable timbre generates overwhelming live performances,
I challenge you to find a similar voice around.

“Over the years and through this project, I’ve found that my voice is different
from what I hear on Japanese and actually Western music records [laughs],
but maybe that’s what makes my music different.”

Shoujy has released his new single Surudoi Egao, the beginning of a new musical path that will surely be full of new surprises.

Previous singles
– Higeki to Kouun No Hana –

Biography updated February 1, 2023